Your medical record is a confidential document it is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff. We abide by the ten National Privacy Principles available at:

If you are phoning regarding test results, the receptionist can advise you as to whether the doctor has received your results. As reception staff are not medically trained they are not able to provide or discuss specific results. You will however be required to attend for consultation regarding all test results.

Our practitioners promote preventative medicine and continuity of care and you will therefore receive reminders for health checks. It is our policy to offer you the best possible service that we can, in the interest of our entire patient’s current and continued health. If you would prefer no recall letters to be sent home, please advise your doctor.

Should you require further explanation or information regarding these matters our staff will he happy to advise you.

It is the policy of the practice that an appointment is required to obtain referrals to specialists and for prescriptions. The doctors cannot provide you with these unless you attend a consultation.

A medical certificate is a legal document and will only be issued following consultation with your doctor.

Unless your call is an emergency, most medical queries are more adequately dealt with by a consultation. The receptionist will take your query and advise if the doctor can speak to you. Otherwise, a message will be taken and your call will be returned when convenient.

If you have any complaints, compliments or suggestions, they can be addressed:

In writing and placed in the suggestion box,
written or verbally to the receptionist who will pass it on to the person in charge. In the event that matters are not resolved, you may contact the Health Services Commissioner, 30th Floor, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne.
Phone: 1800 136 066 (Toll free in regional Victoria) or (03) 8601 5200 
Fax: (03) 8601 5219